Opening Hours

DRTPC is open for Projects' Experts and Engineers for 24 hours a day 7 days a week all the year round including weekends, national and public holidays. 

Administration working hours: 
Sunday to Thursday 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM, except national and public holidays. 
Visitors are welcome during administration working hours .
Visitors are also welcome after the normal working hours of the Administration with prior arrangement by Projects Managers, Principle Investigators and/or Experts.

Premise General Features

DRTPC occupies ample premises, within Cairo University Main Campus, of more than 3000 m2 floor area on two upper floors in addition to the ground floor and a basement.

Facilities and Services are available for conference/seminar hosting and management.

The premise is air-conditioned and all the rooms are fitted with luxury comfortable furniture.

The premise is provided by fire detection and fire fighting systems.

For video of DRTPC premises please return to main page Key 5.

Offered Facilities and Resources

Projects Facilities:
  • 32 Rooms (small, medium and large) are available for the use of Projects' Teams (Experts, Engineers and support staff).
  • Printing Room provided by high quality photo-copiers for report production.
  • Full access to DRTPC Computer Facilities (see item 4.4.4 below).
  • Computer Engineer for full time support to projects.
  • Fully equipped Laboratory for environmental measurements, geared for mobile "in situ" measurements with an experienced technician.
  • Full access to DRTPC Project Accounting Soft Ware (see item 4.4.5 below).
  • Project Specific Library.
  • 4 photocopying machines.
  • DRTPC has full access to all experts from the staff of the Faculty of Engineering and other Cairo University Faculties and Laboratories in almost all fields of specialty. Those can be easily and directly contacted by DRTPC for cooperation with projects' teams who wish such support (contact DRTPC Director for details).
  • Project Oriented Library.
  • Three cars with drivers for use of Projects' Experts and Engineers (24 hour/7 day bases).
  • 15 telephone lines (for local and international calls).
  • Internal telephone central unit (capacity 95 telephone lines).
Training Facilities:
  • Two Air Conditioned/Heated Training Rooms with audio/visual and projection facilities (each of capacity of 35 attendants).
  • Two Computer Training Laboratories (capacity 20 and 30 attendants).
  • Support staff for management of training (go to Key 11 on the main page).
  • Computer Engineer for full time support to training requirements.
  • Support to host training in house and to arrange external training as requested. Support to host local and international Residential Training.
  • Support to host local and international Residential Training.
Conference Facilities:
  • A sufficiently large Reception Hall.
  • VIP Reception Room.
  • Main Conference Auditorium:
    Central Air Condition/Heating, 130 seats, 3 languages simultaneous translation cabins, wireless translation units, audio/visual facilities etc.
  • Small Conference Auditorium:
    Central Air Condition/Heating, 80 seats, 3 languages simultaneous translation cabins, wireless translation units, audio/visual facilities etc.
  • The two Conferences Rooms can be used in parallel with the 3 languages simultaneous translation.
  • Conference support:
    4 Data show projectors, Lapp Top, 4 Overhead projectors, 6 screens, 21'' TV, 29'' TV, a large size 72" TV, and two VCRs, conference recording devices.
  • Luxury Executive Meeting Room (25 persons).
  • Two large corridors (4.5m x 15m and 4.5m x 35m) for coffee and lunch breaks.
  • Access to Cairo University Guest House for special Lunch and Dinners arrangements.
  • Printing facilities for conference material.
Computer Facilities:- 100 PCs.
  • 100 PCs.
  • 29 Printers.
  • A0 Plotter.
  • 3 Scanners.
  • 3 Composite machines (scanner/printing/photocopier).
  • Computer network (LAN) connections between all rooms.
  • 24 Hour fast Internet connection in all rooms.
  • Two Computer Servers (maintained by a full time dedicated Computer Engineer) hosting the Internet connection service and providing central client/server applications for projects experts and engineers as well as management of the internal and external network connections with other computing facilities of the University.
Accounting and Administration Support:
DRTPC has an Accounting Section (with 4 qualified accountants), which takes charge of follow up and audit of projects accounts and provides accounting support to Projects Managers and Principle Investigators.

Projects Mangers and Principle Investigators enjoy using the DRTPC Project Accounting Database "DRTPC-PADB" facility which gives updated first hand outlook on past and current financial situation of projects (see key 12 of the main page).

Each project should have its own secretariat among the project staff (as needed); however, for small scale projects DRTPC can provide minor secretariat support after arrangement with the Administration.