Activities & Specialized Programmes

  • DRTPC has been conducting its activities (Research, Consulting and Training) in various fields of engineering and technological planning since its soft opening in 1977 and official establishment in 1979. These fields are: 
    transport (including transport and traffic engineering and planning, airport engineering, highways engineering, etc.), water resources (including hydrology, irrigation & drainage, flush flood , protection and shores erosion), industry (including mechanical power engineering, environmental measurements and air-conditioning/heating/refrigeration engineering, etc.), communications engineering, electrical power engineering, biomedical engineering, petroleum engineering, structures and physical planning, and economy, for example.
  • Since 1990 DRTPC started to consolidate its activities under specialized streams is in order to consolidate the commitment of its staffs who has been regularly interested in carrying out the activities in their fields of interest under the umbrella of DRTPC institutional management and framework.
  • DRTPC Specialized Programmes are listed as below in the chronological order of their formal establishment.
  • The Transportation Programme; active in DRTPC since 1977 and formally established in 1990, (see Transportation Programme), this is the first of DRTPC specializes programmes.
  • Water Resources and Hydrology Programme, active in DRTPC since 1978 and formally established in 1996, (see Water Resource Programme).
  • Energy and Environment Studies Programme, active in DRTPC since 1992 and formally established in 1996, (see Energy and Enviroment Studies Programme).
  • Energy Conservation and Environment Programme, active in DRTPC since 1989 and formally established in 1998 (see Energy Conservation and Enviroment Programme).
  • Advanced Industrial Technology Transfer Programme, started 2002, (see Advanced Industrial Technology Transfer Programme ).
  • Telecommunication and Information Technology Programme, started 2003, (see Telecommunication and Information Technology Programme).
  • Structures Programme, started 2004, (see Structure Programme).
  • DRTPC Specialized Programmes are established to reflect the general field of speciality of the different projects carried out under each programme. The specific fields of speciality are only reflected in the titles of the projects.
  • The above mentioned programmes are not by any means to be considered as independent units or entities with DRTPC.
  • DRTPC is, therefore, the sole self autonomous institutional entity under which all the projects, training and other activity are contracted weather they fall under the specialized programmes or not.
  • DRTPC also, therefore, hosts and welcomes individual experts who conduct research and consulting projects and training in separate individual fields of interest without necessarily being affiliated to DRTPC Specialized Programmes.

Therefore, DRTPC has conducted and is currently conducting many projects undertaken by Cairo University individual experts in the following fields, that are not under any of its Specialized Programmes as for example:

  • Air-conditioning/heating engineering
  • Refrigeration Engineering
  • Bioengineering
  • Water supply engineering
  • Sewage engineering
  • Electro/Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical and Power and Transmission Engineering
  • Petroleum and Gas Engineering
  • Management
  • Etc.