Historical Background

DRTPC was created through research cooperation that coincided with the era of peace in 1977, responding to the initiative of the late President Anwar Sadat, between Cairo University and Massachusetts Institution of Technology (MIT), USA under its "Technology Development Programme" and sponsored by the USAID in Egypt.

The main objective of this cooperation was the establishment of a common research programme that consisted of 14 national research projects undertaken between Cairo University, MIT and the relevant Egyptian Ministries, aiming at analyzing, planning and managing the immediate development programmes in Egypt at the time. The wider goal was to establish an institutional framework, in the form of a self autonomous independent research Center under the name" "Development Research and Technological Planning Center (DRTPC)", that would take the lead in sustaining this initiative after termination of the above mentioned Programme and projects..

Although DRTPC was only formally founded in 1979, Cairo University/MIT research programme with its 14 projects had already started in 1977 in temporary locations hosted in the Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University. It moved to its present location by the end of 1979, with the formal opening by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Planning taking place in January 1980.

For the past 30 years, DRTPC has conducted hundreds of research projects, consulting studies and training contracts in the fields of transport planning and engineering, water resources, industry, energy, physical planning, telecommunications, environment, electrical power, public works, economy, management, sociology and public health. The number of contracted research of consulting projects reached about 1050 and the number of training courses reached  almost 525 till the first part of 2015. DRTPC played an instrumental role in the development of national policies and institutional capacity building in these areas. It also organized numerous conferences, seminars, and workshops around these issues. 

The important role that DRTPC assumes in the Egyptian scene since its opening is evident from the number of ministers, distinguished professors and executives from the public and private sectors who figure in its Board of Directors, from the size of its annual contracts which exceeded about 3.5 Million LE in the financial year FY2013-2014, from the large number and diversity of organizations which benefited from its services and finally from its pioneering activities in technology transfer and capacity building to national industries and service sectors.


To act as a "commercial arm" of Cairo University, utilizing the intellectual property of its academic staff and the scientific capabilities of its numerous resources through contracted applied research, R&D and consulting projects and services, training and capacity building activities, consolidating the role of the University in supporting the country technological and socio-economic development goals.


To provide consultation services to government and private sector industry and service agencies contributing to national development.

To conduct contractual applied research projects aiming at the transfer of advanced technologies to industry and service sectors.

To activate the role of Cairo University in the modernization of Egyptian public and private industries and services sectors through the implementation of advanced technological know-how in design, operation, control and management systems.

To provide technical support to small and medium size industries in the form of technical consultations and innovative engineering designs through various specialised streams and technology incubators.

To offer comprehensive continuing education oriented towards the development of human resources in the production and services sectors, from the government, the private sectors, the civil society institutions for levels including top management. 

To organize conferences, seminars and workshops

DRTPC Activity Domains

DRTPC has wide activities in three main domains: Research / Consulting / Training.

DRTPC acts as a national centre of excellence undertaking its activities through contracted projects with an efficient private sector performance and flexible self autonomous management, under the umbrella of Cairo University.

These activities are provided at the international, national, regional and local levels either independently or in collaboration with other national and international research institutions or consulting firms in the form of consortia or subcontracts.